Hi Everyone!  I’m a dilettante extraordinaire.  I basically do and try a crapload of things… all not very well 😛  There are so many things I want to learn and try so I reckon I’m like a professional amateur.  If I tried to list all the things I’m interested in, I think even 10 rap songs might not cover it (rap songs have a ton of lyrics.)  I’m super eclectic (a.k.a. weird) with a little geekiness… Ok, it’s actually a lot…  Some nerdiness and selective OCD.  That about sums it up.  I want to share – and have a conversation with all of you about my mission to live life to the fullest (while trying hard to keep my fears and tendency for neurotic behavior at bay.)  If there are other things you are wondering about – feel free to leave me a comment!  In the meantime, I’ve drawn up a profile of myself below.

Name:  Karen Olivia Lian

Home:  Global Citizen  (San Francisco the rest of the time for now ~ who knows about later?)

Family:  One mom, one dad, one younger brother and a TON of relatives!

Likes:  People, Food & Beverages, Stories, Quirky Things, Japanese Anime, Sincerity, Design (of all kinds,) Overcoming fears (yeah I’m a bit of a masochist at times)  

Pet Peeves / Dislikes:  Mosquitos!!!! (I’m allergic to them,) Allergies, Cruelty, Making decisions while being swept away by emotions (made a few in my life this way and believe me when I say they did not turn out well – just a few times…)

Can’t Handle:  Horror movies (nightmares and I scare myself silly repeatedly after,) Heights (have a huge, irrational fear of heights,)  Cockroaches (Why God did you make cockroaches?), while we’re at it – let’s add Spiders to the list

Life Long Addictions:  Trying New Things, Travel Buff, Bonafide Book Eater, Language Collector, Gift of Gab (I’m a talker – got a daily quota to fulfill,) Smiling (will have tons of laugh lines), Learning Instruments (got enough in my house to make a couple bands and maybe a part of an orchestra?)

Sports & Hobbies:  Archery, Dance, Circus Class (grueling and humbling – I try hard not to face plant), Speed Reading (yes, this can be a sport too,) there are many more – but I’m not what you would call “awesome” at any of them (I’m your quintessential Jack-of-All-Trades, Master-of-None kind of gal…

Into:  Birds of Prey (Falconing,) Martial Arts, Rifles & Shotguns, Making Music, Creating, Writing in my Journal, Thinking until my head hurts and then telling myself I need to “cool it!”  

Goal in Life:  Live to my fullest potential  (perhaps it’s a bit cliche – but it’s sincere)

In a nutshell:  I’m a happy, potentially violent and adventurous girl who’s selectively OCD.  Very open and my curiosity gets me into a lot of trouble.  My house is filled with books, instruments and weapons.  Oh and color – my house screams Gypsy.  I think I might have been a military general or advisor in another life (my mom thinks I was maybe a witch – she thinks I’m quite strange.)  I do agree with her about the strange/weird part.  She is a wise woman who knows her daughter well. So there you have it.

2014 Goals:  Learn Guitar, Learn Drums, Finish & Release a Piano album, Learn some Korean, Start a YouTube Channel, Start writing and blogging, Write a book for guided journaling, create and produce songs with Sonic Alchemy and friends, launch PassionDig web platform, as always – try new things, meet new people, travel and read!

The Dream:  To become a successful social entrepreneur/author/personality/composer & producer/family girl – all while keeping a healthy and balanced life.  And staying inspired.  And… ok, I know – As my mom would say – I’m getting greedy… hahaha.  No reason why we can’t dream BIG!  Would love to inspire and encourage others to learn, try new things, get to know themselves better and understand that each of us have much more potential than we realize.

               I want to hear from all of you!  Perhaps some of you could do a mini profile like above too – I love snooping… I mean learning about other people.




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